Welcome.  This blog is based upon what was originally published as a Confidential Report for our paid subscribers to the Bio/Tech News.  The alarm we sounded in that Report was the result of months and months of research, and thoughtful reflection over the years since having first written in the early nineties about the emergence of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis.  As we have continued for some past twenty years now to keep a wary eye on the goings on and developments within the burgeoning realm of Multi-Drug Resistant pathogens (which we have nicknamed “MDR Superbugs“), we have concluded that it might be a good idea to make our findings, opinion, speculation and recommendations accessible to a wider reading audience.

One thing we can guarantee you: What you read in this blog will radically change the way you look at many of your life routines and practices.  We are convinced that the information we provide here may in fact actually help save the lives of at least some of our readers and their loved ones.  The bottom line for us is that it is our heartfelt desire that what we publish in this blog will turn out to be helpful to you and that it will help you insure that you and your loved ones don’t end up becoming casualties…

Although there has been much concern expressed over the possibility of pandemic influenza over recent years, we’re here to tell you that what we’re dealing with in this blog is far more important than any flu virus, per se.  In fact, if the flu ever does turn deadly it will mainly be the kind of pathogens we examine here that will be the actual cause of widespread death, not the influenza virus itself (see the post, “So What About the Flu?”).  But influenza pandemic or no, we are still facing a very dangerous and potentially very deadly threat which has been expanding rapidly over the globe and is already out of control in some places.  So please, read the important information on this blog carefully

The word “prophet” is nowhere to be found in our job description at the Bio/Tech News, but we do have the ability to put two and two together and get four (at least, most of the time).  In other words, some things in this life are just plain obvious:  If you walk onto a busy freeway, you’re likely to get hit by a car or truck.  If you act carelessly when you handle a sharp knife, you’ll probably cut yourself (and/or someone else).  Nothing complicated or mysterious here.  Pretty straightforward, common-sense kind of stuff.

Along the same lines: 1) So long as medical doctors continue to overuse and over-prescribe antibiotics; and, 2) So long as the agricultural industry continues putting antibiotics in animal feed and using incredible amounts of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in order to produce high crop yields from nutrient depleted, sick soils, it is only a matter of time before we end up being overwhelmed with a veritable bushel-basket full of various antibiotic-resistant, deadly germs (“Superbugs”) capable of producing a worldwide epidemic of nightmarish proportions.  After watching this gathering global storm over the past 20 years, it is our considered opinion that we have now crossed the threshold into a time which future medical historians will describe as the “Post-antibiotic Era”.  We have entered a period in which the arsenal of antibiotics modern medicine has been relying upon for generations has finally become impotent, incapable of providing the kind of broad-spectrum protection we need now and are going to desperately need in the days ahead.

If you are over 50, you can probably remember going to the Saturday matinees at your local theater.  Most all of the movies were black and white in those days.  And many of them were Westerns, a genre which most every kid knew as “Cowboys and Indians”.  A fairly typical scene in these movies was the one where a handful of Cowboys would be down in a valley or at the bottom of a canyon.  As they looked up towards the hills or top of the canyon walls on either side of them, they would at first notice maybe two or three Indians in war paint, sitting on their horses.  At first glance, not a problem, no cause for concern.  They could easily handle a few Indians.  Then, a few minutes later, there would be at least a dozen Indian warriors gathered above.  The Cowboys would then begin to get the sense that their situation might be turning serious.  Pretty soon, fifty to a hundred more Indians would appear, all poised to swoop down upon the small band of Cowboys.  At this point, the Cowboys knew they were up to their necks in sheep dip.  Unless the cavalry came riding in to their rescue, they were toast.  Of course, back in those days, the cavalry always arrived in the nick of time.  And, the cavalry always won.  There was no way the Indians with their bows and arrows, spears and knives, could overcome the far more powerful rifles and artillery of the soldiers.

As we’ve already mentioned, we have been keeping a wary eye on the growing number of pathogenic microorganisms which have managed to successfully develop resistance to antibiotics over the years (see, “A Rogues Gallery“).  At first, and kind of like the two or three Indians which initially appeared on the canyon rim, the drug-resistant numbers were small.  Besides, if they were resistant to one antibiotic, there was always another weapon in the medical arsenal which could knock them out.  Now, however, the situation has become quite serious.  In fact, we’re now getting close to the place where society will soon be hoping and praying for the “cavalry” to arrive.  Unfortunately, even if the cavalry does show up, it no longer has the firepower it needs.

Unlike the Indians of childhood matinee movie days, these Superbugs have not only increased in number but have also increased in strength, to the point where the cavalry of “white coats” is now at a loss for a way to successfully prosecute this deadly battle.  Many of these Superbugs have acquired the ability to resist just about any kind of antibiotic doctors want to throw at them.  Therefore, if we hope to have a fighting chance as we see these pathogens spreading through our hospitals and making their way out into the general population, the bottom line is that it is imperative we look elsewhere to find the kind of protection we’re going to need.

We hope you take the time to become familiar with the material on this site and check in with us periodically for updates.  It is our hope that the time you spend with us will contribute positively to your health and well-being and that of your loved ones.  Thanks for visiting.

J.A. Tosti
CEO, Bio/Tech Publishing, Ltd.
Editor/Publisher, The Bio/Tech News